Post-surgery Instructions

Generally, animals should be prevented from running or rough play following any surgery, but instructions will vary with the type of surgery performed. For example, a neutering requires a shorter recovery period than a bone fracture repair.

On arriving home you should keep your pet warm and comfortable by providing soft and clean bedding, preferably in a quiet and draught free place. Unless otherwise instructed by the veterinarian, your pet should be offered a drink of fresh water. After a few hours a small amount of food may be given. Please keep your pet indoors overnight, or longer if instructed to do so.

Some dogs will chew at the incision no matter what, so owners should be prepared to use an Elizabethan (Buster) collar to prevent them from reaching the area and undoing the stitches.

The wound edges should be apposed with the skin looking normal or slightly reddish-pink in colour. Should you observe large quantity of blood, or intermittent blood seepage continuing for more than 12 hours, immediately contact the clinic. Any swellings, excessive redness of the skin or discharge should also be reported to the clinic immediately.

In general, most skin stitches are removed 7 to 14 days after the surgery. You will be advised to bring your pet in to have its stitches removed, if necessary.

Please ensure that your pet receives the medication prescribed to him or her at the time of discharge from the clinic.

If you have any undue worries or concerns, please contact the clinic.